Beth Rogerson, PhD

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Be the One to Heal Your Self

A Workbook for People Who Want Results Now
  • Improve your relationships with the people you love most - including you
  • Increase your confidence and trust in your choices
  • Restore your inner calm and peace with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model

I’m an English-speaking therapist in Stockholm, Sweden

Share your thoughts and feelings in the language you know best

I’ve been providing counseling and therapy for English-speaking individuals and couples in Stockholm for over 10 years. Thanks to modern technology, I also see clients all over the world for online therapy. Whether you’re feeling depressed, anxious or blue or just need someone to talk to, let’s see if I can help you.

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Can’t make an appointment? No problem. My website has lots of resources for the DIY crowd!

I know sometimes things get in the way of making time to actually sit down and talk – even though you know you need help. To help you, my blog and podcast cover topics like:
  • How to bring balance and harmony back into your life
  • How to create lasting intimacy and connection with your partner
  • Something else about the store?

Be the One to Heal Your Self: A Workbook for People Who Want Results Now

Based on the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model of Healing

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Depression? Anxiety? Burnout? Be the One to Heal Your Self is a step-by-step guide with structured journaling exercises that gently walks you along the path of healing these painful feelings.

I firmly believe everyone has the tools to heal from the inside out. No fancy degree needed! Instead, you can use this workbook to support you through the process of restoring yourself to harmony. Bring your pen, your Self, and your Self Compassion - it’s all you need to begin. View in Amazon