Beth Rogerson, PhD is a licensed, English-speaking clinical therapist based out of Stockholm, Sweden. She has over 25 years of experience providing counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families, and children.

Her focus with her clients, blog readers, and podcast listeners is how to achieve better relating in all relationships: partners, families, and even yourself with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model developed by Richard C. Schwartz, PhD.


What's inside the book?


An introduction to Internal Family Systems therapy, a clinically proven approach that will show you how to cultivate happiness by cultivating Self.

Encouraging, practical, and nonjodgmental advice from a licensed clinical therapist.

Daily exercises to bring much-needed balance to your life - and all of them are fun or feel good to do!

Tim, 50

I've just read the first few days and find the tips inspiring and refreshingly simple. Thinking about what I have to be grateful about seems to help me be less critical of myself and others. And connecting more with others is something I often neglect and feel worse for not having done. 

Thanks for the helpful reminders of how we can be happy!

Morris, 38

9 Days to a Happier You opens the door to rekindle past joys which so often are forgotten or put aside because there ‘was never any time’!

I brought back creative writing into my life, as well as simple things such as reading books and putting that phone away! I highly recommend this ebook for anyone looking for enlightenment, clarity of thinking, and to generally feeling whole again.



Happiness isn’t something that only happens accidentally.

You can build it into your life with focus and intention.

Karen, 32

For me 9 Days to a Happier You sets itself apart from other self-help guides I’ve previously read. 

This easy-to-read 9-step guide to feeling better is user-friendly, relatable, re-affirming, and most importantly achievable. The pin-point format has stuck with me like keynotes or flashcards for living. I feel uplifted, which is exactly what I need as the darkness of the Swedish winter approaches. 


This book is for anyone who wants to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Everyone experiences anxiety or depression sometimes - it's just part of being human.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you need intense psychotherapy 2x a week for the next ten years. 

Sometimes it's about boosting your heart and soul with positive psychology.


©2017 - Beth Rogerson, P.H.D.


This little ebook will help you bring more positivity into your life using a proven clinical approach called Internal Family Systems (IFS) - in just 9 days.

Daily Exercises for Living More Joyfully